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Cash For Your Old Junk Cars With or Without Title

Even when we do our best to protect our important documents, there are times when they do get lost or destroyed. It is an inescapable fact of life. When one of those documents is a vehicle title it may seem like the task of replacing it can be postponed, but this is not wise. No matter what happens to the vehicle, there will come a time when the title will be needed to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to either another individual or salvage company.

What A Lost Title Means

A car without title means the vehicles ownership cannot be transferred nor may a loan be obtained using the vehicle as collateral. Until a replacement title is obtained, the vehicle cannot be sold or salvaged, as ownership cannot be transferred until the replacement title is filled out and signed by the rightful owner of the vehicle.

How To Obtain Lost Title

When it is discovered that you have a car without title, it may have been lost or destroyed, the time to act is at that very moment. Life is uncertain and one never knows when a title will be needed. The process of obtaining a replacement title is fairly easy, but there is a process involved that differs from state-to-state. There are basic factors that remain a constant across the board in every US state. These factors include:There will always be a form to fill out, which may be downloaded from the official DMV website.

Each state charges a fee ranging anywhere from $2 in Texas to $51.50 in Rhode Island that will need to be paid in order to apply for lost title.Proof of ID must always be provided in some way. Some states require a copy of the requesters driver’s license or state issued identification. Other states require a notarized signature as proof of identification.

In the event the official owner of the vehicle is not able to get to the DMV office, a power of attorney may be signed so an alternate person may file for lost title. In this case, the alternate person will need to show a government issued photo ID and a copy of a government issued photo ID of the official owner.

In some cases a vehicle may not be officially released by a lien holder, such as in the case of resolved bankruptcy or loan. If the lien holder still has a hold on the title, the lien holder will need to be contacted by the official owner of the vehicle to request the lien be released.

Never Purchase A Car Without Title

Occasionally, an individual will purchase a vehicle without a title thinking they need only apply for a lost title in order to obtain a title for the vehicle. This is not the case. Not only will the replacement title always show the rightful owner of the vehicle, but only the rightful owner of the vehicle, or a power of attorney acting on behalf of that individual, may request a lost title. Until the title is obtained, filled out, and signed by the rightful owner of the vehicle may it be sold, salvaged, or used as collateral.

For More InformationFor more information about obtaining a lost or destroyed vehicle title in your state, visit the official DMV website at DMV.ORG.

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